The Fallen Chronicler Official Announcement

The Fallen Chronicler is a story of a lone off-sea outcast called back to the mainland to unearth the darkest secrets of a mysterious cult in rising. He must carve his own path through the schemes and intrigues of the cultist to find the source of the organization. He must become one with the cult to gain access to their knowledge and than he must choose – to destroy them or… else…

Red Moose Games is a game development studio made out of one man – Nenad Radojcic. As a lone developer I have been working on The Fallen Chronicler since the Summer of 2014, when first testing and prototyping of The Fallen Chronicler game idea began. Later on the game design was completed and prototyping phase finished, the real work just started… Year and a half, The Fallen Chronicler is looking better than expected.

You can follow the progress on the game here, on this development blog, or you can also subscribe and follow the social pages:



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