First steps of the Chronicler

Since I was a kid, I had enormous passion for video games. I remember my first time playing Quake III Arena in the distant 1999 and my amazement what a great game it was. Soon after I started digging around discovering more and more amazing titles such as Warcraft II: Tides of DarknessLegacy of Kain: Soul ReaverHeroes of Might and Magic III, Grand Theft Auto II and so on. Ah, those were the times. How amazed I was to be able to drive my car on every pedestrians and to lead my own army consisting of magical creatures. screenshot_09_43_59_06432016Whenever I was playing any of the games in that time, I always asked my self – how did they do this or that? How did they manage to get graphics to that level and beauty? Those where some of the questions that bothered me at the time and that many years later I found answers to by myself. I started learning all the curves and little dark secrets of game developing. I learned programming, modeling, texturing and even tried myself with music making (that did not get too far). As soon as I deemed myself ready, I opened up Unity3D (amazing engine by the way) and created my first very own script in C# titled FirstPersonPlayer.cs. I wanted to make a game that looks and feels like my all time favorite, the jewel of action role-playing games – The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

At first I started the project as a training session for myself. The goal was to make game in first person perspective set in a vast landscape filled with simple 2D billboarded trees and 2D billboarded characters. You were able to run around and jump while swinging with your sword to deal damage on collision with other characters and to fire arrows from you crossbow. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less. But soon enough I started adding things. I added simple day/night cycle system, then flavored it with custom weather value changing between clear and rainy weather. I added option to speed up time by using the “Waiter”, a UI component with a simple button that changed time scale value appropriately. I expanded and added Inventory with detailed slots and storing system for items. Enterable buildings were placed all over the world and even three types AI (guard, hostile and wanderer) was there in place using the NavMesh system. In that moment I realised what I was capable to do with my current skills, and then the idea that made The Fallen Chronicler was born.


This is the same world position in the very first and the current version of The Fallen Chronicler.

I wrote a game design completely with main quest and side quests scripts and started making prototypes for the project. After three or four months of hard work prototyping and testing what will be best for usage in the game I officially started working on a project at that time code-named “2DHnSRPG”. In time the official name will come up as a smart usage of main quest plot and game mechanics. The Fallen Chronicler was born.

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