And there was light… with effects and stuff


The essential part of the open world games whose physics and nature laws are based on the those of the real one must be the Day and Night cycle. When I was designing The Fallen Chronicler I thought about this feature and the way how to implement in the game that it feels real and important. The first step, of course, was to make it believable. To do it I had to make up the major difference between day and night – ambient lighting. Day phase is represented by the bright and lush lighting based on the position of the sun, while the Night phase is represented by total absence of the lighting. That made great difference between distinguishing  two phases of the cycle. It is that kind of difference that it builds up one of the most important aspects of playing the game and players position in the world. Will you venture the world in the middle of the night risking to get lost or attacked by someone or something, or will you wait for the morning and safely follow the path toward your goal? (While testing the game once, I, the creator of the game and the game world who know every bit there is to know, got lost at night…)

Other essential part that will increase the immersion feeling for the player audience is the dynamic weather that flavors the game world. We can look back at some amazing examples of the dynamic weather in the games like in the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or even Grand Theft Auto V. Weather effects in those titles are just gorgeous. They shows us that it is integral and very important part of the open world game concept, where player is drawn to the world even more – without limits. The Fallen Chronicler features such kind of a system, a dynamic weather that changes according to the current season, which is again calculated by taking in account the month in the year. Time goes by and years pass together with the weather, celestial bodies and even moon that changes phases during that time (Let us say that the moon phasing will play great role for those who love wolves and such… )

The waiting system can only be accessed while near campfires and places like inns.

The waiting system can only be accessed while near campfires and places like inns.

The game offers to player a way to speed up time, similar to the Skyrim waiting system, but with a exception, that he can only speed up time while near campfires and while inside the inns. This should not be confused with sleeping system, where the player can sleep in bed until dusk, or dawn, according to when did he used bed. (For instance if he used bed between 6 am and 6 pm he will wake up at 7 pm, while if he use bed between 6 pm and 6 am, he will wake up at 7 am).

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