The living world of Tal-Imira

The Fallen Chronicler is set in the boundaries of the fictional world, called Tal-Imira, a magical place of ancient history and fantastic landscape. The world is divided into four great landmasses Elin, Aria, Elevir and Korona. Elin is the main area of The Fallen Chronicler and where our game takes place. Currently, in the game timeline, Elin is part of the Most Holy Elinian Empire, and has been since the dawn of the Empire hundreds of years in the past. Citizens of the Empire are mostly quite folk looking their own business. They live either behind the high walls of the big towns or scattered across the countryside in their cozy little villages and hamlets. As the followers of lauragastism, a monotheistic religion based on the belief that the Sun represents almighty God named Lauragast and its rays are his seven heavenly begins called Firstborns, people of Elin are enjoying every part of the day, while at night they prefer to stay behind the safety of their homes. They have great fear of the sea and what it might hold in its depths, and has never set sail any further than the nearby colony of the Isle of the Hand (the place where our protagonist hails from).

Smith working till late at night.

Every single one of this aspects from the world lore is a great guideline in building a unique A.I. system for our NPCs (non-player-characters). I used every little detail that I can come to about the people of the Empire, about those characters that player can interact with, follow them and see that they are a true living part of the game world. The system of the A.I. I built gives me possibilities beyond imagination – to make NPCs believable. They will live their everyday life, while at night, they will retreat to their cozy little homes. There are those as traveling merchants that will go from town to town, staying at each for a day or two, and if caught at nighttime in the wilderness will retreat to the nearest inn on their way. Guards will stay at their posts until their shift is over and next guard comes to his place. I say, a true living world. There are even those holding a certain curse, that will run into wilderness at dusk and stay there until dawn.

Traveling merchant resting a bit.

All in all, I am aiming to deliver a true living world to the player, filled with interesting NPCs and mysterious areas filled with adventure and exploration, a core elements of a true role-playing game.

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