Rewards, Fame, Reputation…

“Hey, you saved us from that terrible monster, right? You’re the man, man/lady!” Is that the sentence that you hear a lot? No? Oh, because monsters are born out of our imagination, right? Well, those are the words that are waiting to be told to you by any of our numerous npcs of The Fallen Chronicler, that is, if you DID slay the monster.


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Quest system that was built as a core part of the game, brings entertainment, user friendly experience and amazing storytelling that you can encounter only inside pages of some fantasy book. When we designed this feature, we really wanted it to be something that you players will remember. Every quest that has been placed in the world is filled with believable life situations and characters that will suck you right into the world of the game. After you have finished the quest, you will really feel like a hero, for words of your deeds shall be heard among the Empire, thanks to our Valor System.

Valor is something that you are given when one of the quests have been completed. The amount of valor given depends of the quest itself and its complexity. Every valor point you gain will lead to better recognition among npcs and even better rewards for quests don in the future. Valor represents how much your character is known in the Empire, is he some unknown peasant, or beloved hero. Greater the valor, more will the guards be forgiving toward your deeds. Lesser the valor, npcs will not take kindly of you getting into their houses without their permission. Yes, valor can be depleted by doing bad things, like killing npcs, stealing and trespassing and being criminal in general.


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With valor, quests will also reward you with numerous items and pure clean gold coins. Items rewarded by quests are unique and have magical abilities that normal items bought from npcs have not. (Magical items can also be acquired through dungeoning and finding numerous hidden treasures among the world map)

Quests are core of The Fallen Chronicler and represent something that every action adventure should be filled with. That said, the main quest that will lead players through epic and amazing story will have impact on you, we guarantee it.

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